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Organizing for Louisiana

I live in a city that's full of Obama supporters. (The two notable exceptions are me and the guy in front of me on the freeway the other day with three different Dennis Kucinich stickers on his car.) And so during the 2008 elections I had ample opportunities to ask questions about why people supported him.

"Aren't you concerned," I would often ask, "that he doesn't have much useful experience running anything? Is being a law professor and a Senator really useful preparation for being chief executive of Leviathan?"

"I see what you're saying," they'd inevitably answer, "but look at the streamlined, coolly effective campaign he's running. That's all the evidence I need of his executive skills."

Accordingly, now that his executive skills are coming into question due to his perceived lack of leadership on the BP oil disaster, I humbly suggest that he demonstrate leadership by returning to his roots:

  • use the internet and social media to recruit a virtual army of 18 to 29 year olds, who all probably have nothing better to do than scrubbing rocks and geese anyway
  • revamp the Neighbor-to-Neighbor tool on my.barackobama.com to make it easier for volunteers to organize "house parties" where they can brainstorm with the neighbors for clever ways to stop the oil from spreading further
  • commission an iconic logo for the Gulf cleanup efforts:

  • I don't know if a video of Obama girl covered in oil would help, but it certainly couldn't hurt!

  • create a catchy slogan. Something like "Ecological Change We Can Believe In" or "Yes BP Can!" or "Si BP Puede!"
  • maybe some sort of Shepard Fairey poster? I'm thinking maybe a picture of Andre the Giant and then the word "BOOM" underneath.

  • finally, just in case none of the previous approaches to leadership helps, I suggest some sort of music video featuring hip-hop stars and celebrity actors. If that doesn't work, nothing will!

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