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On the Proper Role of Government in a Free Society

There are various opinions and debates over the "proper" roles of government, but I'm pretty sure that combing the Indian Ocean to find a missing 16-year-old who's sailing around the world by herself in order to break a world record isn't one of them:

Abby Sunderland's family was talking with U.S. and international governments about organizing a search of the remote ocean between southern Africa and Australia, family spokesman Christian Pinkston said.


"We've got to get a plane out there quick," said Pinkston, who was in close contact with Sunderland's family in Thousand Oaks.

"They are exhausting every resource to try to mobilize an air rescue including discussions with the U.S. State Department, the U.S. Coast Guard and various international rescue organizations," he said.

I hope the girl is OK and everything, but the State Department and Coast Guard better send the bill to her family, not to the rest of us.

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