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Seth Godin on Postal Monopolies (sort of)

Seth Godin discovers that stamps.com is trying to scam him out of money and asks:

How is that a sleepy, conservative organization like the postal service ends up licensing its brand to a company that can't resist every honey pot scheme and opt out technique in the book?

I probably would have guessed something the lines of "their monopoly gives them little incentive to treat their customers well" or "they're desperate for revenue in a changing industry" or "what do you expect from the same organization that expects me to donate food to my ~~mailman~~ letter carrier every year?"

Godin (whom I generally adore, by the way) suggests instead that

There's something about the mechanics and arms-length nature of the web that just begs companies that know better to treat people in a way that they'd be humiliated to try face to face.

This might even be true, although one also could make the opposite argument that the arms-length nature of the web makes it easier to treat people well, which everyone knows is plenty challenging in person (at least for me).

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