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Tough Times for Generation Y

Another day, another sob story in the New York Times. Today's involves Scott Nicholson, who -- like so many in his "lost generation" -- had his expensive political science degree completely paid for by his grandparents, turned down a \$40k/year job because it was less than his brother makes, and gets his parents to pay his rent while they direct their attention "mainly at sustaining [his] self-confidence."

Of the 20 college classmates with whom he keeps up, 12 are working, but only half are in jobs they “really like.” Three are entering law school this fall after frustrating experiences in the work force, “and five are looking for work just as I am,” he said.

Although the Times reporter didn't mention what these "frustrating experiences" were, my suspicion is that they were some combination of

  • being reprimanded for spending too much time on Facebook and not enough time working
  • co-workers inexplicably unimpressed by constant bragging about "dean's award for academic excellence"
  • office manager's persistent refusal to switch from cheap Costco coffee beans to expensive shade-grown, "fair trade" coffee beans
  • occasional failings incompatible with unshakeable sense of self-esteem
  • "How are mommy and daddy supposed to help me get my work done when the IT department won't even give them network access?"

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