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I Am Tired of 9/11

Is it too soon to be tired of 9/11? Because I am.

I'm tired of not being able to bring my pinking shears on plane trips. I'm tired of conspiracy theories (except for ones involving reptilians.) I'm tired of pointless wars that waste trillions of dollars that could otherwise be funneled to unprofitable, politically-connected "green energy" companies. And I'm especially tired of having to refrain from referring to my penis as "the Top of the World observation deck" for fear of getting nasty looks from some girl who knows someone who knows someone who almost went to work that day.

I'm also tired of all the people constantly (by which I mean annually) exhorting me to "NEVER FORGET" what happened that day. All sorts of terrible things have happened to me over my life. There was that time I got tricked into watching Napoleon Dynamite, and then there was some sort of incident involving Nancy Drew's dog, and there was even that one time that I almost got killed on 9/11. But after tens of thousands of dollars of psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, craniosacral therapy, sandplay therapy, and reiki work, I've learned that "NEVER FORGET" is pretty much the worst advice there is, with the possible exceptions of "Be yourself", "Girls can't resist a guy who can chug a bottle of Tabasco sauce", and "Vote for Obama".

That doesn't mean I can't remember some of the lessons of that event, like "avoid Manhattan" and "don't ignore the 'STAY HOME FROM WORK TODAY JEWS!' phone message" and "don't wait too long to see that tourist attraction, lest some Muslims hijack and crash an airplane into it." But these are lessons to put into practice everyday, not just in early September, and not just in years that end in a 1. And the more you "NEVER FORGET" the last crisis, the less prepared you are for the next different one.

So, sure, wear your patriotic shirt and eat your patriotic foods and click "like" on the "Like this if you are watching this on September 11th" comments on patriotic YouTube videos. But while you're busy trying to "NEVER FORGET" what already happened, I'll be thinking up jokes for what's happening next. Advantage: Joel.

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