For Hire

I work at Google now.

I am gainfully employed as Chief Scientist and Head of Analytics at VoloMetrix, so I’m not actually for hire right now, although I could possibly still be talked into writing an article or doula-ing.

Although Joel is supposed to be spending all of his time writing books, he can occasionally be tempted (usually with money) into short-term forays into other occupations. Here are just a few possibilities:

Data Analysis

Joel is very, very good at analyzing complex datasets using tools like Excel and SQL and Python and R. He could help you or your organization get better at these things too.

He also has lots of opinions about how best to visualize data, how best to think about data, and how best to extract value from data. He’d probably share some of these opinions if you asked. He might share his opinions even if you don’t ask, and sometimes he will even if you ask him not to.


Joel could run a really smoking seminar on how to become an expert Excel user. Joel is also pretty good at teaching Calculus, although these days who isn’t?


Joel could craft and deliver a humorous lecture on the topic of your choice. Or on the topic of his choice. Also, it wouldn’t have to be humorous. It could be funereal instead.


Joel could totally write an article for you. Or a short story, especially one about a boy who likes to play baseball but is no good at it.


Joel would be happy to tell you how to run your business.

Life Coaching

Joel would be happy to tell you how to run your life.


Joel has a large collection of placenta jokes that are hard to work into normal conversation.

The options are endless. So get in touch.